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Best traffic Sources For Internet Marketing Newbies


Entering the online space as an internet marketing newbie can be an overwhelming experience. The vastness of information that a newbie has to sift through is daunting. And when it comes to finding the best traffic sources, it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

There are so many marketing platforms to choose from that most newbies end up doing “The Newbie Shuffle” for years. So what is the best traffic sources for a newbie?

What Is A Newbie

To answer this question, I would like to first clarify the definition of a newbie.

An internet marketing newbie is someone who is just started their online internet marketing venture. They do not have any knowledge of how to create a website, optimize website, and do not have any marketing experience online whatsoever.

That puts them in a very vulnerable position to the marketing sharks online. Even though I love paid marketing, for this reason, I do not think that paid marketing would be a good fit for a complete newbie.

There’s just too much complexities that has to met in order to have a good paid marketing campaign. Elements such as design, selecting the right niche, target market and split testing just about everything. I think this makes paid advertising too complicated for a newbie.

If I had to choose one for the best paid traffic source for newbies, it would be solo ads. But that’s only because the learning curve for finding good vendors is relatively easy.

With that being said, I believe that the best traffic sources for newbies will be free social media marketing platforms. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have  wealth of  traffic that can transform to early success for a newbie. The can do this without having to break the bank learning.

What are the best social media marketing platforms for newbies?

Facebook marketing is probably the best route bar none. A new marketer can build their friend list of their ideal prospects very easily. All it takes is finding and joining the groups where their ideal clients hang out at. Then engage, build trust, and market.

Twitter marketing is pretty much the same. While not as effective as Facebook and a little harder to get noticed, it is another platform to start the branding process for a newbie. Twitter can be a little confusing at first, but there are many tools to simplify and automate the process of getting noticed.

That brings us to Instagram. This platform is probably one of the fastest growing right now. Instagram as simple as it is, is creating a lot of millionaires. Hard to believe that this is possible just from posting a few pics a day. But there is a definitive guide on how to market with Instagram that clarifies why it works.

These are my three best traffic sources for internet newbie marketers. The reason I chose these 3 are because they provide a newbie with a chance to grow before wasting tons of cash. As you may know, many new marketers spend thousand online testing new products before ever earning a dollar. This can be quite discouraging and often leads to them just quitting altogether.

If it was not for the expectations of new internet marketers, the newbie blogger would’ve made the list. But with the time it takes for anyone to go from newbie to millionaire caused me to leave it off the list. So we’ll just stick with social media.

Free social media methods can help a newbie earn their first dollars online with very little risk. Thus making these strategies the best traffic sources for someone just starting their marketing career online.


About the Author Marc Marseille

Hello my name is Marc Marseille and welcome to my website. I have been marketing online since 2008. My experiences online includes running my own SEO agency, affiliate marketing and getting certified as a Google Adwords partner. In this blog I will be sharing with you all that I have learned online since 2008 and hopefully assist you in your path to success.

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