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3 Proven Elements For Succeeding In Network Marketing


succeeding in direct salesEvery year tons of people swarm towards the home based business industry with the dreams of financial freedom. Sadly to say the majority of them usually fail at succeeding in network marketing. One of the main reason for this is the lies of the industry leaders.

The greed of reaching their perspective leader boards causes many of the top marketers in the industry to flat out lie in order to get people to join their programs. Because in reality if they told you the truth, it would not be as sexy.

Today I am going to give you the skinny straight up with no chaser. First all, the home based business is not a get rich quick industry. Secondly, you will not be able to get rich by harassing your friend and family. Lastly, you will have to know how to sell.

It is not that easy that a 10 year old can do it. Don’t fall for those headlines.

In fact, a home based business is just like any other brick and mortar business. You will have to spend money. You will have to put it a lot of hours. And, in order to succeed you will have to be a good manager of people. That means that you will have to educated yourself on how to market your business so that you can help the people that join you business how to market theirs.

But how can you do that if you are just a Newbie that was lured in under false pretenses? The answer to that is; You have to choose the right company that will provide you with all the elements you need to succeed.

These are elements are as follows: guaranteed traffic, the right product and a marketing funnel that converts leads into members.

How To Guarantee Traffic For Your Home Based Business

Traffic is actually the simple part. There are several places online that you can literally turn on quality traffic like a faucet. The fastest way to get these results is by using paid advertising.

Sources like Facebook, Google, PPV networks, Solo Ad Vendors and Youtube can deliver you a ton traffic at the drop of the dime if you have the budget. Paid traffic is the best form of traffic just because it is instant.

It is because you can always scale up with paid advertising. So if you have a campaign that is generating 10 sales a day, you can easily spend more more and get 20 sales.

Free traffic such as SEO, blogging, posting to facebook groups are not only time consuming but they also are not guaranteed. For this reason many prospects become frustrated only to quit within a few months.

That is why it is important to choose a company that offers you the opportunity to learn paid advertising methods or offers co-ops and done for you traffic packages.

The Right Product For Succeeding In Network Marketingsucceeding in direct sales

success-in-network-marketingAs much as I like using a guaranteed traffic source, the marketing campaign may still fail with the wrong product. A good product must meet certain criterias. It has to be in demand, it has to fix a problem and it must be priced right.

The product must be appropriately priced so that you can make a profit after paying for advertising. This means that a $10 product would not be a perfect fit if it takes $10 or more to generate a sale.

When you have a great product that is price right then it just becomes a numbers game. And we all know that numbers do not lie. That is why high ticket programs are the way to go.

Why do you think a saturated program like Empower Network is still creating millionaires? The answer is many of the leaders use paid traffic. Even though they promote a blogging platform, most of their leads comes from paid traffic.

Furthermore, from those that actually blog everyday, they hire ghost writers to write for them. Which in turn is still paid advertising. I’m not saying you shouldn’t blog, just don’t expect extraordinary results overnight.

A Winning Funnel

The final element that will help you eliminate failure in network marketing is a great marketing funnel. You should really think twice about joining a program that sends your traffic to a boring sales page.

Unless you have marketing experience yourself, you are not going to succeed sending traffic to a cold page. Prospects need to be pre-sold. That means a welcome video, a webinar, email follow ups and phone calls.

That’s what separates the winners from the losers. Successful network marketers can promote a program with a boring salespage because they presell their prospects. They warm up their traffic by sending them to their own webinars, hang outs, and expose them to great copywriting through email follow ups.

That is what’s call a funnel. You’ve probably been through several funnels before without even realizing it. The leaders do not tell you about these strategies because there is a learning curve for learning how to create a good funnel.

And they don’t have the time to teach you. Furthermore, they want your money now and don’t want to scare you away by telling you the truth. You’ll have to be motivated enough to figure it out yourself as you go.

And If you do not have the time to learn to master these skills, or if your daily blogging and social media posting hasn’t yet yielded any results, then you are destine to fail.

So why not bypass all this frustration by selecting a company that can provide you with the training you need, high ticket tiered products that sell, salespeople that will sell it for you by phone, done for you traffic packages that convert and a winning funnel that works for you while you sleep.

That was a mouthful, but it is exactly what this high ticket program delivers. And that is exactly what you need if you plan on succeeding in network marketing. You can check it out for yourself by clicking HERE.

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