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Marc Marseille About MeHey, how’s it going?

Since you are here on my website, I would like take the opportunity to introduce myself. I am not one to step into a room and not say hello…so I think it’s the polite thing to do—right?

Anyway, my name is Marc Marseille. I am dad and an ambitious entrepreneur with a servants heart that always welcomes a challenge.

I was born in Port Au Prince Haiti. Raised in Chicago. And now living in Atlanta.

I have been marketing online since the mortgage meltdown in 2007. If you guessed that I was formerly in Real Estate, then you are totally correct.

I was one of the stubborn ones. That means it took a little while longer for me to finally throw in the towel. Unfortunately this was after losing over 350k in assets and liquid cash. Wished I had pulled out sooner.(Get your mind out of the gutter)

You know what they say, “hind sight is 20/20”.

Needless to say after taking a beating financially—I had to figure something out. I lost everything. But what hurt the most was losing my family. My girlfriend and I broke up and I move out—leaving my then 1 year old daughter behind.

With only 8 dollars to my name, now living in a room in my sister’s house—I prepped myself for the challenge. It was a big transition from a 4 bedroom 3 bath house to 10 x 10 room. Armed only with my sanity and a computer I turned to the internet. I simply typed “how to make money online”.

I did not know where that search would lead me, but what I knew for sure was; my huge debt to the banks, contractors…etc could not be overcame with just a 9to5.

That search led me to the traffic exchanges. And if you are familiar with Traffic exchanges, it is the most tedious, non productive form of marketing I have experienced in my years online.  I basically clicked my life away for hours looking at ads—just to earn credits for views of my affiliate product.

That experience was a total waste of time. I was going nowhere fast, but still had responsibilities at the same time. Then one day I landed on an ad that change my life.

The ad spoke directly to me. It read ironically, ” Are you just click, click, clicking your life away”. And of course  I answered with a resounding YES!

It was for a free ebook called “SEO Made Easy” by Brad Callen. I don’t think that ebook is still around today, but it gave me some real guidance that launched my affiliate marketing business.

It was basically a bare bones explanation on how to do SEO to rank for just about any keyword. The 90 plus page Ebook became my marketing Bible. I read it several times until I mastered the art of ranking websites and keyword research.

Eventually my hard work paid off when I landed on page #1 for a very popular Clickbank product. The keyword I ranked for was generating one million views a month. My website ranked at # 6. That was enough to generate 5,000 hits a day to my site—which resulted in $300 to $700 a day. Boom!!!

That entire journey took me 8 about months to achieve. Little did I know that I was going to experience a few more bumps before my journey was complete.

Because 6 months after reaching that milestone point in my online journey—I was hit with a rude awakening; A Google algorithm change slapped my website out of existence.

As it turned out, Google no longer supported the ranking practices that I was using to rank my sites. Basically I had some cleaning up to do. After several months of re-structuring my website, I sent a reconsideration request to Google and  I regained my rankings once again.

But that was also short lived.

Two months later, my site was spammed out of the rankings again. This time my money machine would be gone for good. I was hit with negative SEO by another affiliate. They sent 67,000 spam links at my site. RIP!!!

Feeling extremely frustrated with affiliate marketing I decided to take my talents into offline marketing for local business owners. Offline marketing is much easier to rank with very little risks.

And that’s what I’ve been doing since 2010…

The money was great. I enjoyed 5 figures a month for years. I lived a comfortable lifestyle—Yet something was missing.

I’ve heard people say that money is not everything, but I did not understand it until I experienced it personally. I was making a good residual income—the problem was, I had financial freedom, but not total freedom.

You see, the same thing I was running from, I ended up multiplying. What I mean by that is, I never wanted a boss. Yet my clients became equivalent to my boss. This means I had well over 25 bosses.

Whenever Google had an algorithm change and my client’s website received a few less views; I was under pressure. Even though I was always on top of it, it did not feel right having to jump through hoops. And some of my clients weren’t always so nice.

So I decided to stop accepting new clients to jump back into Affiliate marketing. This time around with the knowledge I have gained over the years, I had fixed the mistakes that caused me to fail in affiliate marketing.

And I am shining once again… This time for good!

And in this blog, I will be sharing with you those mistakes. But most importantly I will be sharing solutions. That way you can avoid making the same mistakes in your journey.

This blog will be focused on providing you with marketing techniques that will be Google slap proof.   Affiliate hater proof.

This blog will also be focused on bringing you internet marketing opportunities that can create passive income. But most all, I will be providing you with opportunities that can bring you total freedom.