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Affiliate Marketing On Facebook: 3 Step Plan For Success


In my opinion affiliate marketing is by far the easiest way to start earning a full time living online. That is because you don’t have to go through a deep learning curve. This means you can do affiliate marketing without a website or blog. In fact, you can start to earn by simply doing affiliate marketing on Facebook.

This means you can bypass the time it takes to learn all the technical aspects of internet marketing. You won’t even need to learn simple stuff like setting up a WordPress blog. Nor will you need to bother yourself with monthly fees such as hosting.

All you will need to start making money is a product and a Facebook marketing plan to promote your affiliate product. And if you can follow a few simple steps, I have a foolproof plan for you. Best of all this plan is FREE.

This is for people that have more time than money. If you have the money to spend than you can utilize paid marketing with Facebook ads to boost your affiliate sales more quickly. But if not, this 3 step plan for Facebook affiliate success works just fine.

Now let’s jump into the plan…

It’s a 3 step plan that involves you making 3 post per day. These post consists of a lifestyle post, an engagement post, and a post with a link to your affiliate product.

Before you can start this process will need to setup your Facebook profile or Facebook page correctly. I want go into that right now, but you can read on how to that that on the previous Facebook guides I created for you.

The 3 Step Plan For Affiliate Marketing On Facebook

Facebook Lifestyle Post

A lifestyle post is one that connects you with your potential prospect or buyer. This is basically you sharing what you do on a daily basis. Whether you are foodie, a sports fanatic, or a stay at home Mom or Dad, these posts invites your visitors into your world.

Lifestyles pictures or videos should not be taking lightly. When people get to know you on a personal basis, it makes it easier for them to buy from you. It is a fact that most people will not buy from people they don’t know. So once you’ve broken that initial doubt, you can increase your chances of making sales.

Facebook Engagement Post

There are several types of engagements posts. One of the most popular are inspirational quotes. If you can create a good meme with a quote that inspires your page visitors, they are likely to share it. This gives you added exposure in several ways.

For one, Facebook will reward you for creating engaging content. Also when someone shares your post it exposes your page to the their friends. Which puts more eyeballs on your page thus increasing your likes and followers.

Other example of good engagement posts are viral videos, funny pictures and interesting news or blog posts from around the web. Once you start posting on a regular basis, you should monitor what your audience reacts to the most and feed them similar posts.

Affiliate Marketing Post On Facebook

Posting your links on Facebook is where you make your money. When posting your links, you should be creative. It should not be in the form of a blatant promotion. You should try to provide some value at the same time.

For example if you are promoting a weight loss product, you can provide a few exercising tips with a link to a more detailed solution (your affiliate product). Don’t be afraid to write a mini blog post on Facebook and drop a link in it. This is your space to do as you like.

Testimonials can also be used as way to introduce your affiliate link. People love to see proof, so if you have them, used them. These testimonials do no have to come from your own results. You can piggyback on the success of others to deliver your proof.

This marketing plan will literally take you no more than 1 hour per day. This is after building your page and your ideal audience of course. But once you have your ideal audience in place, succeeding with affiliate marketing on Facebook is easy breezy. You can even outsource this work.










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