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attraction marketing blueprint

Attraction Marketing Blueprint That Builds Know Like Trust Factor


If you don’t know it by now, there is key to selling online especially in network and affiliate marketing. That my friend hinges on the ability to build the know, like and trust factor. That’s right, you’re going to need an attraction marketing blueprint if you’re not already a natural.

Don’t worry… it is a real simple attraction marketing formula.

And these 3 attraction marketing secrets goes a little something like this: Confidence, Clarity, Caring.

attraction marketing secrets

The confidence part is common sense. But then again not everyone’s sense is in common, So I will explain further.

You need to be able to project the aura of confidence if you want anyone to follow you or buy from you. The internet is full of scams and people don’t just give you their trust that easily. When you are assertive about what you are saying it gives off confidence. And people love to work with people that can assure them of success.

You can do this using many different platforms:

  • Video marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Authority Blog
  • Social media marketing

You don’t have to be a jack of all trades either. If video is your thang, then do videos. If on other hand your are mightier with the pen, then you can show off your copywriting skills through a blog or email newsletter.

Whatever your marketing weapon of choice is, you have to exude confidence to attract your prospect.

But whatever you do, don’t fake it till you make it. That will be too transparent. What you can do is work on it til you perfect it. Read books. Watch videos. Whatever it takes.

Now we come to the final attraction marketing blueprint secret.

Be Clear: Stand On Your Message With Steel Boots On!

I see a lot of people mess up without even knowing it when it comes to delivering a clear message. Clarity is simple. You just have to make sure that you are giving a consistent message every time.

For instance, it is not a good idea for you as the coach to have shiny object syndrome. If you plan on promoting multiple products or services, you should at least make sure they compliment each other.

It has to be congruent with your message. Otherwise, you will give off the vibes that you have no real direction.

Caring: Because Your Followers Are More Than Just Dollar Signs

The people that subscribe to your channel on Youtube, subscribe to your blog or join  your email list are real people. They have families to feed. Have goals to achieve. But most of all, they don’t want to waste time.

They joined you on your journey because they thought you could help them. Therefore it is your obligation to not just think of yourself. You must really care for their success or they will feel the disconnect—and vanish.

That doesn’t mean you have to satisfy everyone. Because it is also healthy to weed out the people who are not fit for what you are promoting. But keeping a consistent message will weed those people out anyway.

You just have to make sure you are taking the time to connect with the ones that are truly serious. That means responding to comments, emails and instant messages. It may seem like a lot of work, but it will go a long way in proving your dedication to their success.

So there you have it; A real simple attraction marketing blueprint that you can follow to build the know, like and trust factor.

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