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5 Must Have WordPress SEO Plugins And Why They Are Important


Blogging successfully is synonymous with blogging consistently. That was a mouthful wasn’t it? With that being said, a real successful blog will probably have 100’s or even 1,000’s of post.

Simply put, Blogging is not your thinly put together affiliate site. And you can’t take shortcuts with the SEO neither. Successful bloggers focus on creating great SEO optimize content for each blog posts.

Fortunately, WordPress has a plugin for just about anything. And there aren’t any shortage of SEO plugins. In this blog post I will share with you the 5 must have WordPress Plugins that I can’t live without and their functions.

The Best SEO Plugins For WordPress

The Yoast SEO plugin is the first plugin you should install for SEO in any blog. It is the pretty much the SEO brain of your blog. It covers most of the major SEO issues your blog will need:

yoast SEO plugin

  • Adding meta data to your blog pages and posts
  • Adding title description to your blog pages and post
  • Measuring keyword density
  • Making sure you are using alt descriptions in images
  • Creating sitemaps for pages, posts and categories
  • Editing robot txt and .htaccess
  • Give you the ability to block certain pages from being indexed

This plugin is the bests free SEO plugin in my opinion. Once upon a time I was a big fan of All in one SEO, but Yoast by far provides more functionality.

jet pack SEO plugin

Speaking of free plugins, the Jet Pack plugin comes with every basic WordPress install; You just have to activate it. It is basically a swiss army knife of a plugins.

It can perform over 30 different functions. Some people frown on Jetpack because they feel it may be too  bulky. This may be true if you are utilizing all its functions which I would consider overkill. I like it mainly for the publicize module.

After every blog post the plugin will automatically publish your post to  a maximum of 6 popular social media sites.  This helps you in building social signals which can help you in the long run with your SEO rankings.

The next plugin I use is SEO Smart Links. This plugin helps automate the interlinking of your blog posts. SEO Smart links will automatically link to relevant posts on your blog based on your keywords.

This can really give your sire boost towards ranking your keywords. Once you identify a post that is doing well in the SERPs, linking to it with relevant internal links enhances your chances of moving up in the SERPs.

Interlinking is an essential part of on page optimization in a good way. Broken internal links on the hand can hurt your efforts. That is why the Broken Link Checker plugin is an vital part of good blogging SEO.

The search engines do not like dead pages on your website. So when a link on your site connects to a dead page, you need be able to fix that ASAP. And this plugin can help you do just that while working in the background…Because your time is valuable.

All the onsite optimization is great but it will not do you any good if your site is running slow. It is a fact that the search engines rewards websites that provide a good visitor experience. Websites that are slow to load up lose visitors thus getting lower rankings.

Unfortunately, because of the size of WordPress sites, this is a common occurrence. Especially if you utilize a lot images on your posts. You will need page speed optimization.

Images are a much needed aspect of your SEO several reasons. For one they are easy on the eyes and help readers to stay engaged.

The negative effects of images are the amount of space the hog up thus slowing down your WordPress blog.

WP Smush to the rescue!..

This WordPress plugin will automatically compress your images. It will save your time and space by not storing oversized images on your server.

Like I stated earlier, there are no shortage of SEO plugins. These are just a few of my favorites plugins. You may have your own favorites. Whatever plugins you use, make sure that do not clash with your site performance and speed.

About the Author Marc Marseille

Hello my name is Marc Marseille and welcome to my website. I have been marketing online since 2008. My experiences online includes running my own SEO agency, affiliate marketing and getting certified as a Google Adwords partner. In this blog I will be sharing with you all that I have learned online since 2008 and hopefully assist you in your path to success.

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