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REview Of Digital Altitude Aspire Program

Digital Altitude Review – High Ticket Affiliate Product – Aspire Program


Review Of Digital Altitude

First and foremost, a quick search for “digital altitude review” on any search engine will yield a few Digital Altitude Reviews. Most are an extension of the program, as there is a commission option which encourages members to sell the program to others. Some reviews claim Michael Force as a con artist, who leverages his success in the online marketing realm to convince people to follow him. But after distilling many of these other Digital Altitude Reviews, it seems clear that there are many people using this product to make money, and that if used correctly it can bolster your online marketing campaign.

Who Is The Founder Of Digital Altitude?

Michael Force Founder Digital AltitudeThe founder of Digital Altitude is Michael Force, a self-described seven figure producer in high-ticket sales over the past fifteen years. He has worked as a consultant for many large companies and has more than 500,000 subscribers on his free email newsletter. While a complete breakdown of Michael Force’s work history is not easy to recover over the internet, it is clear he is well versed in internet marketing.

He was involved in WebEx (an online meeting service), Remarkamobile, and ProU. WebEx was purchased by a large fortune 500 company, leaving Force out a job, while it is unclear the status of Remarkamobile and ProU. What is clear of these other two companies is that they seemed to serve the same function as Digital Altitude, offering marketing solutions for online companies looking to bolster online sales.

Aside from Michael Force, there are seven other members listed on the Digital Altitude team. While researching each of Imran Maqbool Digital Altitude Web Designerthem was impossible, seeing as how this company is largely linked to the technology that is offered, some historical information about their Technology officer seemed helpful.

Imran Maqbool is a former architectural designer who studied at the University of Greenwich. Looking at his personal website, he cites eight years of experience in architecture and web design (two very different types of design), and five years of internet marketing research. The basic nature of his personal website does not reflect well on his skills as the only listed Technology Officer. In retrospect the Digital Altitude website is very well designed with user platform.

What Does the Digital Altitude Offer?

Different Levels Of Digital Altitude

There are two main aspects to the Digital Marketing program. The first is the money you pay to be a member, which is scaled based on the services you wish to receive. The second is a similarly scaled commission system which rewards members for people that they recruit into the program. First here are the payment plan options:

aspire level of digital altitudeAspire Digital Business Sales System ($37, $67, or $127 monthly): This is the entry-level product, which is explained as providing training videos, personal coaches, back-end products, merchant and payroll services, networking, live support, and a live chat service with other entrepreneurs. The different levels you choose for monthly fees eventually determines your commission rates (will be explained later).

base level of digital altitude reviewBase Digital Business Mastery Course ($597): The Base option is basically an E-Learning system that offered the information on how to prepare, launch, and grow your company. It will demonstrate how to set up business goals, build a brand, create masterful websites, and manage financials. It is suggested that this content is what would be taught in business school.

review of rise level in Digital altitudeRise Digital Marketing Mastery Course ($1,997): Going beyond the practical elements of the Base level, the “Rise” level offers information that is specifically intended for online marketers. Here you will learn specific mindset training, how to create a brand name, tips on crafting killer copy, and a step-by-step system to secure business referrals and increase sales.

Ascend level of digital altitude reviewAscend Digital Business Profit Workshop ($9,997): Investing into the Digital Altitude program at this level secures you a three day workshop led by Michael Force and others that takes place in Las Vegas. Each day has a different focus, starting with conversion techniques, followed by branding, and concluding with content and team building.

Peak level of digital altitude reviewPeak Business Prosper Retreat ($16,997): At this level, you will get to attend a five day business retreat for two where you can listen to speakers, and hear digital business lessons from Michael Force. This retreat will center on how to scale your digital business, how to add missing value, and how to find the best talent.

Review of digital Altitude apex levelApex Digital Business Legacy Experience ($27,997): At the highest price level, the Apex experience offers a 7 day all-inclusive business retreat for two. At this investment level, the speakers at the retreat will be asset management and investing experts. Each day will focus on a specific theme, starting with financial security and retirement. Day two will focus on how to beat wall street, while day three and four will focus on investing in your personal wealth while preparing yourself mentally for a successful business. The final three days focus on taxes, credit, and real estate investment to promote long-term financial security.

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In addition to the buy-in options which bring with them the various features at each pricing level, there are also scaled Digital Altitude Compensation plans. Overall, there are sixty income streams, with nineteen being residual month to month. Depending on your buy-in level, you will be eligible to receive a certain percentage of total income generated from members you have personally gotten to sign up, as well as income generated from people who were registered through members you referred.

Each level of removal from someone who was personally register by you is classified as a “Tier”: Tier 1 are customers you acquired, Tier 2 are customers acquired by those people, and Tier 3 is likewise one more step removed. At the highest compensation level you would receive 60% off of each of these tiers, this would be associated with the Apex package level. The various single-payment levels below (Peak, Ascend, Rise, Base) all also include a 60% compensation rate across all tiers, however the remaining Tiers experience a capped total income relative to the initial investment.

The other option is connected to the three Aspire monthly payment levels, $37, $67, and $127, associated with the Walker, Hiker, and Climber plans. Within these three Aspire payment levels you will see an increase in overall commissions per Tier, with the climber plan offering 45%, 10% and 5% across each tier respectively.

Digital Altitude Review Conclusion…Is DA Worth It?

digital Altitude review conclusionThis Digital Altitude review revealed a system which is all about funneling traffic through your website in order to convert clicks to sales. The digital Altitude program has custom done for you designed capture pages and sales pages, and creates an automated system to send follow-up emails in order to retain website visitors and convert them into customers.

This may not be completely unique to Digital Altitude, but these kinds of elements are an essential part of any online marketing campaign and make this program a potentially powerful asset. However, what is the most intriguing about Digital Altitude is the built-in sales team who are there to help with anything you need which includes closing deals on your behalf. Depending on your investment level, you can also receive one-on-one advice for marketing, finance, and sales.

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At the end of the day, this Digital Altitude Review was intended to explain the different offers of the program and evaluate whether or not it would be worth the investment. Though the advice from Michael Force and his team, as far as mindset preparation and the necessary tools for developing a business seem to be valuable, the actual web development may need some improvement. While this program may be a good fit for people looking to become marketers without the burden of starting from scratch, it doesn’t appear to be the best option for an experience marketer who already has these tools in place.

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