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4 Step Guide To Improving Your Email Follow Up Conversions


So you decided to follow everyone’s advice about making money online. From what you’ve heard “the money is in the list”. You soaked all the information you could find about building huge email list.

You may have even hire a coach or bought a detailed course on the subject. And after working your butt off for months, you’ve managed to put together decent size email list.

But where’s the money?

You send tons of email and slowly you watch your list disappear or worse, they stick around but you never make a sale. What the hell is going on?

Getting Email Conversions

Well now my friend…You have to learn some email conversions techniques. Without knowing what to write or how to write to your list; You are doomed—to say the least.

Building a huge list is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a 4 step formula you can learn that will help you to start seeing some real results. These four steps are Attention, Interest, Desire, And Action(AIDA).

Writing The Perfect Email Headline That Attracts

The most important aspect of writing an email is the headline. This is where you will grab your readers attention. If you miss this opportunity, then you email will never get opened.

The key to writing a perfect headline is to evoke curiosity. A good way to do that is to ask an open ended question. This is something that your reader would look forward to finding the answer to. The only way for them to get the juicy details is…you guessed; by opening your email.

The first few words in the email can also be used to increase open rates. Many of you don’t realize this but in addition to headline being visible, a few words of the opening sentence can also be seen in the inbox preview. When crafted correctly, this can be used to heighten the curiosity even more.

For example, the first sentence can be used to attempt to answer the question you asked, but only to be cut off until…you guessed it again; they open your email.

This of course is only one example. There are several basic email headline types. Which is way too much for me to cram into one blog post.

But If you would like to learn these gems that will help you to ATTRACT your readers, I recommend “The Copywriter’s Handbook” by Robert W. Bly. You  can also follow the top email copywriter’s in the game like Ben Settle.

Getting Your Readers Attention

Now that you’ve attracted your reader to at least open your email, your job now is to get them to read the entire email. Or at least get them to the call to action.

To do this you have to catch them in the first paragraph. This is where you summarize what the email is going to be about without really spilling all the beans. You’re basically giving them a drum roll of what’s to come.

Once you do that…

To  increase your click thru rate, you can also sneak a quick call to action within the first couple of paragraphs. Try to use the sentence that describes what you are going to disclose in your email as the anchor text. That works like a charm for me.

Make Them Beg For More

The body of the email is where you increase their desire to find out more.

Let’s say you are promoting a weight loss product. In this section you can discuss the benefits of losing 20 pounds within the next 30 days. You could paint the picture of fitting into that little red dress, making an ex crazy jealous or the feeling of being the hot topic at work.

You get the picture…

Whatever you do, try to stay away from talking about features of your product. Borrrring! Nobody wants to hear about features in the beginning. It’s just not sexy. And it will kill your CTR (click thru rate).

After all, the whole reason behind the email is to get them to click to your website. Talking about features and such is just giving away to much information. Besides, getting them to your website can open up even more ways to follow up with your readers like retargeting.

Pushing Their Action Buttons

email conversion action button

Now that you have created a frenzy within the email; It’s time to go for the close.

This is the part where you tell your reader exactly what you want them to do. Until then you were just flirting…now it’s time to get the number. And you can’t be shy about it either or they’ll sense uncertainty on your part.

A strong call to action works best when you can include it in your normal conversation within the email. I usually like to re-iterate the benefits I mentioned in the email and use the call to action as the anchor text.

Using the weight loss example again, my call to action may go something like this:

“The  truth is—losing 20 pounds in 30 days is a farfetched reality for most.

An achievement that most will never achieve.

That because they’re doing it all wrong.

But not you…

<a>Get it right by downloading our 6 step guide today</a>”

You see how I did that? It was almost like a pattern interrupt.

Once you get your email game right, you also need to email as much as possible. Many will debate on frequency. As for me, I believe in sending one email daily; sometimes two. But it all depends on your industry.


Don’t let bad email conversions change your mind about everything you’ve heard, the money is still in the list. But without good email writing skills you probably will not get the results you’re looking for.

It’s like buying a sports car with a standard transmission, but not taking the time to learn how drive a stick shift. Your expensive toy would be worthless.

And if you tried to learn how to drive it without first getting lessons; Good luck with that.

Same analogy with email marketing.

If you are just starting out, I recommend you read as many books as possible. A quick tip you can use to get  better at writing email headlines is—saving all the headlines that catch your attention while reading emails in your inbox.

I don’t recommend copying them word for word. But you can use them for inspiration and direction. I hope this post helped you out a little.

If you found this post helpful, please feel free to share it. I won’t be mad. I promise!




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