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Email Frequency Best Practices: Is There A Definite Rule?


Some things in life are pretty much cut and dry. Email frequency best practices is not one of them. Everyone has an opinion of how many times a week, or month you should email your lists.

My take on it is—it depends.

I depends on so many variables that is impossible to put a definite number on it. But since everybody wants to weigh in on this topic, I am going to put my two cents in as well.

I am going to break it down into the most popular email frequency best practices recommendations:

  • Send one email daily
  • Send 2 to 3 emails weekly
  • Send 5 emails a week

Since I by no means consider myself an email marketing expert. And I don’t believe you can make a judgment call based on marketing tests only. So  I will be going on my own personal experiences.

This will be based on the internet marketing industry. Because every industry is different.

So let’s dive in…

Sending  One Email Every Day

This is the advice I was given by someone who I respect in internet marketing. Right of the bat,  I am going to let you know that it did not work out for me. This caused my email open rates and clicks to go down drastically over time. Not to mention a 12% rate of unsubscribes.

The fans of this email frequency will tell you that it’s okay because “they were not going to buy from you anyway”. But what if you wanted to sell them something else in the future?

I believe this strategy can work for you if :

  • You are selling your own products only
  • You are get a healthy amount of new signups daily
  • You have earned the right to do so

In those cases you can afford to be more aggressive.

Sending 2 To 3 Emails Weekly

email notificationDaily emails can be too aggressive. But sending 2 to 3 emails a week, in my humble opinion, is not enough. This is especially true if you are new to building your list.—which I was.

Being fresh online or a newbie list builder means that—your readers probably do not know you. And since the average subscriber gets about  150 emails daily in his or her inbox, you just might get lost in the sauce.

So I would definitely recommend mailing more frequently initially. The frequency along with some great headlines will help you to get your reader’s attention. After that you will have to keep them engaged to have a chance.

For experienced marketers, mailing 2 to 3 times a week works fine. But that’s because their name already speaks for itself.

The top marketers who still email daily don’t do it out of necessity. They do it because it generates more income for them. Besides, they’ve earn that right. And other marketers  are eagerly waiting for their guidance.

Sending 5 Emails A Week

Recently I decided to take the guidance of another respected internet marketer; Ryan Deiss. His approach is 5 emails a week. And I think I have found my sweet spot.

With this strategy, you send 3 emails initially. Then take one day off. Send two more emails and take another day off.

His strategy is unique. On the third email you will send the subscriber a message with a link to optin again. This identifies the subscribers that are still engaged.

With those prospects now, you can be a little more aggressive. But even then, his recommendation is still 5 days a week.

Since implementing this strategy, I have witness more engagement with less unsubscribes. Like I said, I think I have found that sweet spot.

And it all makes sense. When you bombard your list with one or even multiple emails daily, they tune you out. Then it’s all downhill from there. You definitely do not want to burn your list; you may not be able to resuscitate them.

You have to be able to find the balance between staying relevant without being annoying.

So there you have it. I believe that the best email frequency  practice is 5 days a week. It did not even mention bi-weekly or monthly email frequencies because I believe those are reserved for the big already established brands.

To find your own sweet spot you may have to do your own testing. When it comes to the best email frequency, there are too many variables to accept a one size fits all rule.



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