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5 Ways To Generate Free Traffic To Your Blog


When it comes to marketing online, one of the most effective strategies is blogging. Blogging can help you to build a group of followers that can propel your income through the roof, granted that you are providing good content.

But before you can build a following, you have to be able to let the blogosphere know that you blog exists without spending a ton of cash; So how do you generate more traffic to your blog for free?

Just writing great content is enough to eventually get your blog noticed, but it will take time. But if you want to speed up the process, you will have to  to market your blog to the masses. There are a few ways to get this done and in this blog post, I am going to show you a few ways to get more traffic to your blog for free.

Syndicating Your Blog Content

Syndicating your blog content to document sharing will bring your blog more exposure. There are several options to get this done. One of them is Document sharing sites. Websites like Slideshare are not as popular as they once was, but are still a good source of free traffic.

Social Media Announcements

Your blog post should also be posted to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and all your high authority social media profiles. You can use a service like Hootsuite to automatically syndicate your blog feed to your social media pages.

Additionally, you can join a Tribe to make your content available for other internet marketers to share your content as well. The more readers you can engage, the higher chance you will have to gain a loyal subscriber.

Blog Consistently

Blogging everyday is the key to keeping your visitors engaged. Everyday blogging will keep the search engines crawling your blog while increasing your authority within your niche. When you blog in a consistent manner, you stand a better chance of getting ranked higher in Google.

Your readers will also get use to getting your content on a frequent basis. This will keep them engaged. Traffic from the search engines is great, but having loyal readers ensures that you are not dependent on search engine traffic.

Email Marketing

Finding creating ways for collecting emails with tools like Sumome and Optinmonster is a must. Emails is not just for marketing affiliate products and other services. It is a great tool to use to announce your new blog posts.

You can build an email lists using your blog and also your social medial outlets. It is a great way to build your own assets that guarantees that you are able to stay in front of your audience.

Guest Blogging For Traffic

Lastly, guesget more traffic with guest postingt blogging is by far my favorite method for generating free traffic to my blog. The reason guest blogging is so effective is you can literally piggyback of another high authority blog’s traffic.

But before you can gain the benefits of guest blogging, you have to create some great content on your blog. This will help you to get approved for a guest blogging appearance on a high authority blog.

Getting your post approved is simple as long as you follow the guidelines specified by the blogger you are soliciting. For the most part, if you deliver great original content that is not promotional in nature, you will get approved.

Majority of bloggers will allow you to leave an author bio leading to your blog. some of them will also allow you to leave a link in the body of the article as long as it a link that is beneficial to the reader.

A link within a great guest post on a high traffic blog can generate literally hundreds or visitors to your blog instantly. In fact, you may able to enjoy visitors to your blog for months or even years from a great post. To ensure maximum results, it is wise to promote your guest blog posting as if it was posted on your own blog.

Getting more traffic to your blog for free is simple when you find creative ways to share your blog to the world. These steps are just a few that can help you do just that. The good part is when you get the traffic rolling, it is almost impossible to stop, a long as you are providing great information. I know  I keep bring that up, but that’s because great content is still King!


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