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How To Get More Facebook Fan Page Likes For Free


What is your purpose for being on Facebook? Is it just for pleasure or business. if you are on FB for the latter, then you will soon find out the cap Facebook has on the number of connections you can make(5,000). To bypass the cap, you will need a business or fanpage.

A fan page does not have any limits, but instead of friends, you will be targeting likes. In this blog post, I will show you a sneaky trick to get more likes on Facebook page(s) for free.

Having a business page with a lot of likes means you have bigger audience to promote to. It also helps you build your reputations as the go to person or company in your niche. But you have to start somewhere in order to increase Facebook likes.

Some people take the chance of paying for likes. I personally think that is not the smartest idea. When you purchase likes, you do not know if they are real. And even if they are real, these people did not naturally bond with you or your product, so they may not interact or relate to your posts.

The best way to get more Facebook followers is to do it naturally. The problem with that is Facebook does not show your post to everyone that likes your page naturally. So you have to be creative.

The thing is, they do that on purpose. That is because they want you to use the “Boost” button to pay to reach your audience. A little greedy of them If you ask me. But did you really expect anything less?

How To Get More Likes On Facebook

So to get around this, I suggest you follow these next steps…

get more likes on facebook

  • Create funny, engaging and inspirational posts
  • Encourage people to share your post by simply asking them to
  • Find out who liked your post that is not already a fan
  • Then invite the non fans to like your page…

Seems simple enough right? That ‘s because it is…

When you create engaging posts people want to share it automatically.  They may love your post of the cute puppy, the great inspirational quote or the funny videos and you expect tons of shares.  But They often don’t do anything.

The funny thing is, people love to be told what to do. If you don’t ask for a share, then you probably won’t get one. That means you may get a lot engagement in forms of likes with no shares.

Don’t get me wrong, getting likes on your Facebook posts are great as well. But likes are not always shared on your fans timelines.

But when a postget more fanpage likes facebook is shared, it can reach your fans friends for free. What happens next is their friends are more likely to share the post because you ask them too with your call to action. Funny right?

The more people see your post, the more Fan page likes you will accumulate. Then all you have to do is click on the number of likes on the post and then invite the people who are not already fans to like your page.

And you can do this for every post on your page. I am willing to bet that you have been neglecting this opportunity to grow your following naturally.

This strategy becomes more effective the bigger your fan page following gets. For best results you can search the internet for trending topics and videos that are already generating a lot of buzz. Then post these viral videos on your page with a call to action. This alone will increase your Facebook fan page likes for absolutely free while others are paying a grip.



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