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What Is A Good Anchor Text Percentage?


Backlinks ratio is probably one of the most discussed  topics when it comes to SEO. Some white hat search engine optimization experts will tell you that it does not matter. The white hatters prefer to stay focused on writing engaging content that people will want to link to naturally.

While black SEO’s live and die by toeing the line. They are control freaks. Black hatters want to control their own destiny. To do this, they prefer to create their own links and test the limits of the SERPs.

In my humble opinion and from my experiences, you need a little bit of both. You need great well written content and some incoming links  with good keyword anchor text ratio. There is only one instance where I feel that backlinks diversity is not as important. That’s when the links are coming from high authority websites.

With that being said, diversity in link distribution is recommended. Research has proven that Google loves when links are not so blatantly obvious. For example, using a variation of synonyms of the keyword you are trying to rank for looks natural.

On the other hand, If you are only utilizing one or two anchor texts that are obvious high volume keywords, that looks quite fishy. And that probably will get your site slapped to never never land. Keep in mind that recovering from the back hand of Google is not always an easy task.

In many instances your best bet is to start over. This back and forth dance with Google is why so some just say no when it comes to SEO. Unless, you are doing your own case studies, it is basically a guessing game.


The best success I’ve had optimizing websites comes when I do not think too much about ratio. It is just simpler do some keyword research and just write.

But if you need to work off a formula…

A safe bet would be to make sure you have at least 30% branded links. Meaning that ideally you would want to use your site’s brand name and the url in different variations. That means using anchor texts with or without the “www.” and “http” as as well. Because that looks natural for someone to link to your site using your domain.

Additionally, you should try to avoid using the same keyword twice if possible…

Also, keep in min that anchor text ratio only becomes an issue if you are doing Black or Grey Hat SEO (PBN’s, Dummy Web 2.0’s, Sape links..etc). If you are doing White Hat SEO (clean natural link building) than it really does not matter. For example, you can get 100 backlinks from quality websites like Huffington Post with the same anchor text without upsetting Google.

That is because getting mentioned on authority websites means that you have SEO swag. And Google will only love you for that. Because authority backlinks are like Gold. Hope this helps.

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