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How To Grow Twitter Followers While Generating 15 Leads Daily


In the midst of all the clutter in Twitter there lies a great opportunity to generate a ton of leads for your business.  While retweets, commenting and liking to create engagement works; In order to grow Twitter followers fast, following is by far the most important.

You can share great content and hope people will follow you or you can get aggressive with it. And to get this done, you will need to follow and unfollow.

Which means following your ideal prospect and unfollowing those that are not following you back. Below is an example of what kind of results you can expect using this strategy. This from one of my many twitter accounts.

Twitter Followers Proof

As you may already know, Twitter is the land of the bots. That means to compete you’re gonna have to use some Twitter tools. Or risks being defeated badly by Bots.

The three tools that I use are Tweet Juke Box (Now SocialJukeBox), Buffer and Crowd Fire App.

Here is the marketing strategy I use to generate 15+ leads a day with Twitter:

  • Follow 1000 daily using CrowdFireApp
  • Unfollow dead weight once a week using CrowdFireApp
  • Schedule blog post w/image tweets every 5 hours with TweetJukeBox (Now Social Jukebox)
  • Post inspirational quotes hourly (TweetJukebox)
  • Schedule video tweets twice a day (Buffer)
  • Retweet followers posts 3 posts daily
  • Comment on 3 post daily
  • Like 3 post daily
  • Manually reply to 3 interesting posts daily

Using Crowd Fire App To Grow Twitter Followers


The Crowd Fire App allows you to target your ideal prospects by keyword, hashtags and followers. I prefer to use the followers option. I simply find someone who has thousands of followers that I want to target and use Crowd fire to follow them.

With keyword or hashtag option, you would perform a search in Crowd Fire App for mentions of your chosen keyword or hashtags.

Copying Followers By Searching Twitter Usernames

I recommend using the twitter search tool to find a few people in your niche with large amounts of followers. In an excel spreadsheet you can list their @usernames. You will need this info to search for their followers in CrowdFireApp.

Once you have a nice list put together, you are then ready to start the process. Using the “copy followers” feature, enter the @username of Twitter account you want to follow into the search area. When their users are populated, you simply follow them one by one.  This is the main step in grow your Twitter followers fast. That’s because many people will follow you back.


Crowd Fire App Follow Feature

I can follow 1000 prospects in about 10 minutes. The app limits how many people you can follow at a time to keep you within Twitter guidelines. Generally that is about 120. When you reach the 120 limit, it will prompt you to stop. After waiting about 20 seconds you can then follow 120 more.

As far as unfollowing, I do that once a week. That’s gives the people I followed enough time to follow me back. If they don’t, then I will unfollow them unless they are influencers that I want in my stream.

Unfollowing  helps  to keep your Twitter stream with people that interested in your product or service. It also keeps your ratio of followers to non followers at a respectable rate. It may sound silly, but people like to follow profiles that have a good ratio of followers to following.

Crowd Fire App Non Follower

Keeping a good ratio enhances the chance of growing your Twitter followers even more. That’s because it makes you look like an influencer. And that is exactly what you will become once you have a huge following.

Using Tweet Juke Box(Now Social Juke Box) To Increase Engagement

twitter tweet scheduling tool

The next tool I use is Social Juke Box. This tool schedules all my pre-set tweets that I want to go out on a regular basis. This includes the top posts from my blog and my favorite quotes.

With Social Jukebox, you can categorize your tweets in different groups called Jukeboxes. I have one Jukebox for Blog posts, another for inspirational Quotes and one for Targeted Posts. I use the targeted post jukebox for organizing tweets that include my business links.

While sending messages, you also have the option to send only text or use images. The best part about scheduling your tweets with Social Jukebox is the fact that you can set it and forget it. With the recycling function, your tweets will automatically start over when it has run it’s course.

Scheduling Tweets With Social Jukebox

social jukebox dashboard

I have a total of 60 blog post rotating every 2 hours. That equals to 12 different blog posts being shared on Twitter daily. The frequency means my followers will not see the same posts more than twice in one given week. As I add more post, this frequency will get even lower.

I schedule tweets to go out 24 hours a day. You should do this as well if you want to get more exposure. If you don’t,  your top content may go unnoticed. This strategy helps to keep your followers engaged with your content whether they are online during the morning, noon or night.

This is important because engagements equals retweets, likes and comments. When your followers are engaging with your post, you will create more organic traffic and new followers.

Using Buffer To Automate Video Content

twitter social media management tool

The last tool I use is Buffer. It is similar to Tweet Juke Box as far as being able to schedule posts. The main difference with Buffer is its ability to schedule video content.

Buffer also uses Twitter data to figure out when it’s the best time to post. So it will post your content when it’s most likely to get more views.

With that being said,  in addition to posting videos, I use buffer for the tweets that are time sensitive. These are the tweets I want to get noticed right away. This works well for boosting launches or anything with a deadline.

Overall implementing this Twitter strategy takes me less than 30 minutes a day. I can usually have everything done before I finish my morning cup of coffee.

Maximizing Your Efforts With Multiple Twitter Accounts

By the way, I schedule post for  multiple Twitter accounts daily. Five to be exact. For the follow and unfollow process, I open up 5 windows using Google Chrome’s incognito feature to open multiple windows. I then sign in to each account individual in a different window.

I do it like this to maximize my effort. That is because I can continuously un-follow 120 accounts from each Twitter profile without having to pause 20 seconds in between. By the time I finish visiting all 5 windows, 20 seconds have elapsed.

It takes about 30 minutes to finish the entire process. Some of you may find this tedious. And if you’re one of those people, you can outsource the whole process to a Freelancer.

The Secret Sauce For Generating 15+ Leads Daily With Twitter

The truth is, “It goes down in the DM”. The direct message is one the keys to generating the 15 leads a day that I promised.

Crowd Fire also has a feature for sending new followers direct messages. You can set up several different messages to see which one works best. To use this feature you will have to click the “automate” feature in the bottom left hand corner of the  screen. Then simply add your direct responses.

Automate Twitter Direct Messages

When preparing your direct message, you should speak to your targeted audience directly. Try to create a message that stands out from all the rest. These messages will go out to every new follower automatically, so adding a little personality will help them get a feel for who you are.

Don’t forget to insert a call to action at the end of your message. Try to send them to a link to your landing page with an optin form. I have found that sending them to a free guide or video that provides some value works best.

You definitely do not want to send them directly to your offer. That would defeat the purpose. Chances are you may never hear from them again. After all, this guide is for the purpose of generating leads not immediate sales.

The sales should come later if you take good care of your new subscriber. You can also use this opportunity to connect even further with your prospect on other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

They say on average it takes 7 interactions with your prospect before you can gain their trust. Generating cold leads from Twitter is a good start. When you indoctrinate them through email followups and other social media platforms, you can generate those 7 touches.

Avoid Getting Your Account Banned

In this guide I used a few tools that automates some of the process but not all of it. There are software bots such as TweetAttacksPro and  Massplanner that automates this whole process. I am currently testing both of these tools to explore the possibilities of scaling even more than 5 accounts. I plan on having a review comparison for TweetAttacksPro and  Massplanner you in the near future.

But for now…

I choose not to use outsourcers or bots 100% for the sake of not getting my account banned. For me, it has become a routine that I don’t mind doing myself. I guess I really like to grow Twitters Followers by the hundreds daily while generating leads in less than in hour worth of work.

About the Author Marc Marseille

Hello my name is Marc Marseille and welcome to my website. I have been marketing online since 2008. My experiences online includes running my own SEO agency, affiliate marketing and getting certified as a Google Adwords partner. In this blog I will be sharing with you all that I have learned online since 2008 and hopefully assist you in your path to success.

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