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7 Crucial Guest Blogging Guidelines For Getting Your Post Approved


It is not a secret that guest blogging is one of the fastest ways to generate traffic to your website fast. But the thing that makes guest blogging even more powerful is the long term results.

You can expect to receive traffic from a good post for months or even years later. It is also a traffic source that is almost instant when your guest post gets accepted in a high traffic blog. You can literally go from zero to hundreds of visitors a day.

But there are obstacles you must overcome in order to achieve this kind of success. First things first, you have to master the art of getting your post accepted.

Think about it, if you had a high traffic blog, would you accept any and every guest post? Of course not. The top bloggers in any industry protect their asset with an iron gate.

So if you want to get your post accepted, you will have to follow the strict guidelines of the high traffic blog owner. Every blogger has their own guidelines. But there are some common guidelines to follow. And when you do, it will maximize your chances of getting approved.

Research Your Target Blog

First of all you must research the blog you want to accept your guest post. Besides the amount of traffic the blog can generate to your site, you need to find more information about the blog itself and its readers.

You need to examine what kind blog posts that the author likes to write. Also the blogs that get the most likes, shares, comments etc.  And while you’re at it, check out other guest post on the blog that have been approved.

Send Out A Pitch Email

Once you’ve done your research, it I wise to reach out to the blogger with a friendly message. Sending a simple email that addresses your interest in posting on their blog is a good way to get started.

The email should introduce yourself, your blog or website and a compliment. It does not have be a love letter. Just a message letting them know that you are a fan and have been an avid reader of their blog. Then you can easily slipped that you have some content that you feel can bring some value.

Send Guest Blogging Writing Samples

In your short pitch email you should include a sample of your writing. You should also include a couple of ideas for blog post that you may have been considering. Your initial research should help you put together some pretty good ideas.

What this does is makes it easier to get your blog post approved. The blogger can select which idea she or he prefers. This is definitely better than spending time writing an article that the blog owner ends up rejecting. Because  you did not take the time to find out what blog post would interest them.

Write Original Content For Your Guest Post

It is extremely important that you write an original article. Do not attempt to re-hash some old blog post you found online or a PLR article. This has to be an original thought.

Re-hashing content is not necessarily a bad thing. It can work great when you are using the skycraper method to duplicate another bloggers success. But this method should be reserved for your own blog.

A guest blog post needs to really stand out. Therefore original content is mandatory.

Create A Case Study

A good source for creating original blog content is by creating a case study. This can easily be done by documenting some results you had when experimenting with marketing your own business.

Depending on your industry, a case study can be conducted on sales closing strategies online or over the phone. It can also be analytics of paid campaigns versus organic. The possibilities are endless. You just have to take to time to find out what would provide the best value.

Include Examples Of Results In Your Case Study

In addition to providing value in your case study, including proof of your results will improve your post greatly. Pictures of traffic analytic reports, graphs, and overall conversions can really drill down on your message.

In addition to providing solid visual proof, pictures help keep your readers engaged. And when you do that, they are more like to read your entire posts. Hey, they might even leave some great comments that creates even more engagements.

Keep in mind, the more engagement your posts receives, the more receptive the blog owners will be towards your future guest posting opportunities. Which could result in a regular traffic strategy for your blog or website.

Do Not Write A Guest Post Promoting Yourself

guest blogging self promotion

These general guest posting guidelines will assist in getting your guest blogs post approved almost every time. But this can only happen if you follow these guidelines to create a post that is not a self promotion.

The number one reason bloggers will refuse your request is if you write a blog post that is just about promoting your product or service. The key to a great guest blog is the ability to deliver value without the salesy promotional pitch.

A good guest post will get visitors to click on your Bio because you provided great value. And they want more. So follow these guest blog posting guidelines closely and you should be golden.




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