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How To Build A Huge Email List From Scratch


Everyone wants to know how to build a huge email list. Building a list from scratch may seem like a real challenging tasks. And the truth is is can be difficult for most. The reason for this is many people lack the patience and consistency need to get this done.

They also often forget to take the time to build a real solid landing page also known the squeeze page.

how to build a huge email list

Designing A Squeeze Page That Converts

If you want to learn how to make a large email list explode even faster, then the squeeze page is the first place to start. There are certain components of a squeeze page that has to be present in order for
it to be effective.

The first thing you will need is a compelling title. The title has to be one that
attracts the potential subscriber to stop and read what you have to say. An example
of a good title is one that identifies a problem and guides the potential subscriber to
leave his/her info for the solution.

Here is a good example: “Discover the secret loophole that gets your site ranked on the first page of Google within 7 days or less than no one knows about”

Also every squeeze page has to have an opt-in form or an action button that leads to an optin form. That is obvious, what is not obvious is the placement of the opt-in form. The form should be place somewhere on the page above the fold so that is very visible without having to scroll down.

For a long sales page landing page, it is also wise to place the form at the top and also at the bottom. In addition your image or video has to also be compelling enough to grab the visitors attention

Other alternatives are scripts where the opt-in form moves up and down as the
visitor scrolls through you page. The important part is to make sure that the form is

You should always make sure you give the visitor a few reasons why they should
opt in to your offer. A great squeeze page will tease the visitor by offering 3 to 5
solutions (bullet points) that will be provided when they opt in.

Remember, do not make false promises, because they will unsubscribe if they are not satisfied with your offer.

Designing a squeeze page if you are a newbie or technically challenge like myself is a big deal. Fortunately you do not have to struggle to design your own pages. There several landing page creators online that makes it as easy as drag and drop.

Landing Page vs Squeeze Page – What’s The Difference?? – YouTube

Feb 9, 2011… – Cached – SimilarPromotionWorld : Squeeze Page vs. Landing Page – Their Roles and …25 Nov 2009 .

A few that I have personally used are Leadpages, Unbounce and Thrive Themes. Leadpages is very popular amongst marketers because it is very functional and they provide tons of training. Their landers are also pretty nice.

However, I recommend Thrive Themes for someone just starting out on budget. Thrive Themes does not have as many options as Leadpages but it has enough. In addition you can build any landers you see that you liked from scratch with the drag and drop capabilities the plugin offers.

What I like most of this landing page creator is no monthly charges. The others have a monthly fee ranging from $67 to $97 dollars a month. You can easily get the job done with Thrive Themes without having to carry a monthly bill.

Getting Traffic To Your Landing Page

Getting traffic to your squeeze is the next challenge you will have to tackle. The easiest way would be to simply buy traffic through methods such as PPC(FB, Adwords, Instagram, Twitter), PPV and solo ads.

The problem with buying traffic however is dealing with the possibility of losing money before you know what works. Unfortunately, to take advantage of paid advertising, there is no way to avoid this pitfall.

That means the sooner you can learn one of these paid platforms the better. The only other alternative to building your list fast without learning a paid advertising method yourself is to hire a professional to run your advertising. That means spending more money.

This can work if your offer makes enough money to cover the cost of the ad plus the vendor. High ticket programs with a proven sales page is the way to go if you choose to hire a vendor to do your marketing.

Using Solo Ads For Instant Traffic

building list with solo ads

With that being said, I think that solo ads is the easiest paid advertising method for anyone just getting started. You will have to do your due diligence however to make sure you are getting quality traffic from a quality vendor.

So what is a solo ad you may ask?

Solo ads unlike the other paid methods I listed earlier can be very
effective without a huge learning curve. Solo ads can be used to grow your list by leaps in bounds by paying another marketer or blog owner to send your offer to their subscribers. This can only work well if they are in the same industry.

The way it works is you will pay them for every click they generate to your offer. This means if you want 500 clicks, you can expect to pay anywhere from .30 cents to a dollar per click depending on the vendor. But once again, you will have to do your homework or risk getting crappy traffic.

Don’t worry however, since you are on this blog, I will provide you a list of trusted vendors at the end of this post.

The benefits of sending a solo ads are several, but here are a few:

  • 1. There is not a learning curve needed to learn the system
    2. It is not a technical process like the other paid methods
    3. The traffic is instant as soon as your offer gets sent you will get traffic
    4. The traffic is guaranteed
    5. You are leveraging a list that someone else has already built

Imagine sending one solo ad with a 1000 click package and generating 500 new optins to your list. How’s that for instant results.

Furthermore, when your squeeze page is well designed and you have a proven backend offer and funnel that converts, you can recoup your money which means possible getting your advertising for free.

If you have a really good sales funnel, you may even be able to make a profit. If you keep recycling a profitable campaign and put your profits back into more solo ads, you can build yourself a huge list fast.

Building Your  Huge List With Free Methods

I know paid methods are instant and sounds great but the reality is when most marketers are starting out, they do not have much funds to invest in their business. When that is the case, then you have to rely on giving your time instead of money and this brings us to the dreaded free methods.

They say there that there is no such thing as a free method. That is because you will be charge in your time; A lot of time. But if you don’t have a choice, there are ways to build you business with no cost advertising such as forums, SEO and blogging.

Building your list with forums and social media groups

social media list building


Forums are great for mingling and learning from other marketers online, but they
can also be a great source of free traffic. You can generate a ton traffic from the
signature file on your favorite internet marketing forum.

The key to generating this great traffic is by participating in the forum and
providing great information. When you get involved, members become curious
about your post and eventually will visit your signature link and possibly join your list.

You should never by any means spam your forum members. This will get you labeled as a spammer and no one will want to deal with you, let alone visit your signature link.

For internet marketing, the Warrior Forum and Digital Point can be great places to start. There are many internet marketing forums online, but these two are two of the top ones. To be effective you will have to make several posts and comments on a daily basis. It can be quite tedious but if you are adding to the conversation, it can pay off immensely.

If you are product creator, you can speed up the process by creating a product and giving it away for free in these forums. The catch is they will have to leave their email to receive the digital download.

The same process can be duplicated with social media groups. Just like forums they are a place where likeminded people hang out. Most social media groups have softer guidelines than forums but you should always read the guidelines before you start posting.

Building your list through blogging

Blogging is a great way to build your list if you enjoy writing. The key is to create great engaging content that causes people to want more. Once you’ve got them hook, you stand a good chance of getting them to optin to either your blog newsletter or a special offer that you are giving away for free.

Blogging, while it can be very effective, does take time to build. Generally you can expect to spend on average of 3 months to a year blogging before you get the results you desire. This will depend on how well you blog and also how often you blog.

A good blogger will post a blog at least twice a week. A great blogger will blog at least 5 times a week if not everyday. The minimum however is once a week if you want to see any success. Also in the beginning it is recommended that you blog everyday at least for the first 30 days to fill your blog up with content.

After that, you can tone it down, but you must remain consistent. That way your readers will know when to expect your next post. If you are not blogging on a regular schedule, you run the chances of losing your followers.

The most successful bloggers get hundreds or even thousands of visitors to their blog on a daily basis. To reach these types of numbers you will need to provide great content on a consistent basis, share your blog post to as many publications as possible and learn how to use keywords well.

Getting Free Traffic From SEO

This leads us to the method that helped me earn my first 10k month online. I am not going to tell you about how easy SEO is because it is not. It just happen to be the tactic that I gravitated to when I started marketing online.

building list with seo

SEO is skilled marketing tactic that is effective and can be very unstable as well. The reason I say this is because it is very unpredictable especially when you try to take shortcuts. It is also very time consuming so taking shortcuts is and always will be enticing. And most SEO’s take shortcuts.

The punishment for taking these shortcuts is the possibility of losing your entire business overnight with a Google algorithm change. And yes, this happenned to me as well. The good news is I learned my lesson and I now mostly use SEO tactics that are organic; I don’t take too many shortcuts. Just a few every now and then.

As scary as SEO may seem, when you master the art of ranking sites either through white hat(organic) or black hat methods, it is the best form of traffic you can get. It converts better than the other forms of traffic and it can be 100% hands free once it takes off.

I learned SEO when I first started marketing online because I did not have any money to spend. It took me through my challenges learning how to optimize a website onsite and offsite properly for rankings. But it was worth it.

I had great months and bad months but overall I am glad I mastered this traffic method. The truth is if you intend to be successful online, you will have to master at least one skill. For me it was SEO.

If I had to do it all over again, I would have chosen to master a paid advertising method instead. That is because these methods are easier to predict once learned and are easily scalable. Currently I am playing with FB advertising. Good luck on learning your skill.

Easiest Way To Multiple Your List For Free

Before I leave you I want to mention one more free method called Ad swapping. This method will become available to you once you’ve build a list of at least a few hundred optins. You can then bank clicks with other marketers by sending emails to each others lists.

And oh yeah, I did not forget about you…Just like a promise, here is your list of trusted Solo ad vendors. But before you can get access to the list, I simply ask that your share or like this blog post. Good luck on building your massive list!

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