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How To Go Live On Facebook On Iphone 7 Plus



Just in case you didn’t know, Facebook Live is killing it right now. It’s as if Youtube, Periscope and Snapchat had a ménage à trois. And the baby came out with the best features from all three.

Sounds interesting right?

But how do you go live on Facebook?…

Since I mostly frequent Facebook on my Iphone 7 plus, I will show you go live on Facebook on an iphone first.

It’s really simple…

The first thing you’ll need to do is open the FB app like you usually do. My app is located in my social media folder. That’s because I’m just organized like that…

Facebook Live Iphone 7 Step 1p


After you open the app, click on the live icon on top of the “what’s on your mind”comment box.


Go Live Facebook Iphone 7 Step 2

The next step will be selecting your audience. You can choose whether you want your broadcast to be public to everyone or you can choose from a selection.

Go Live Facebook Iphone 7 Step 3


Once you have selected your audience, you’ll almost be ready to go live on Facebook. The final step is to give your live broadcast a title and hit the “Go Live” Button.

Go Live On Facebook Iphone 7 Last Step


That’s it. It is really that simple to go live to your audience right from your Iphone. While this tutorial is based on going live on an IOS device, using Facebook live on your desk top or android device is just a simple.

Going Live From Your Desktop

When it comes to going live from your desktop, it is pretty much the same as the example from step 2 above. You can see the example in the picture below.

Facebook Live On Desktop

After clicking on “Live Video” link, going live on the desktop is identical as the process on the Iphone. You will be prompted to choose your audience, topic of your live broadcast and who you want to see your live video.

Going Live With Android Phone

For the android users, below is a video that shows you how easy it is to go live using your android device.

Hope these steps on how to go live helps you in taking advantage of this great tool. The choice is entirely yours as to what you use for. Some people use it as a tool to introduce themselves to their audience. Others have taken it a little further by using FB Live as a warm-up or even an alternative to webinars.

Using FB Live works great for consultants, coaches or anyone that has a product to sell. Instead of sending someone to a cold website link or webinar, you can warm them up with a series of FB live videos.


Facebook is already is the busiest website on the planet, now with FB live being as popular as it is, this giant will most likely be retaining a bigger percentage of their traffic.


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