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Importance Of Branding Yourself Online


When you begin your internet marketing career the first thing that you must realize is that you are a brand. You are the business so therefore branding yourself online is a must.

Even if you are just starting out online this is important. Whether you are promoting a network marketing company or doing affiliate sales, building your brand is the key.

Your brand will differentiate whether you succeed or fail online. This is because people do not buy from people they do not know.

Especially in direct sales where there is an ulterior motive to get someone to join your program. Building your brand correctly will help your recruits to address their apprehension they may have in joining your team.

What Is Branding Yourself

Personal branding is different that branding for a business. An online business is different from a brick and mortar, basically the actual person is the business. Therefore you the individual has to stand out.

When you build your individual brand first, you must address some common objections beforehand.

Some of these common objections you will face are:

  • Can they trust you

  • Are you genuine

  • Are you knowledgeable

  • Will you be able to help them

These all can be answered by using the power of the internet to tell your story. This can easily be done by spilling your guts online to let your personality shine or lack thereof…just kidding.

But no matter what, you have to be branding yourself at all times or you will come of as being phony.

Anyway, let’s get into a few ways you can utilize the digital media to tell your story with some examples of individual branding ideas.

Start your own blog

social media individual brandingHaving your own blog is great start. It is your own personal online journal platform that can be used to share your expertise. This will be your online stage where you can showcase that you are indeed someone worth following.

A blog can be a little intimidating at first, but don’t let that stop you. If you are newbie just starting your business online, the key is to follow people who are knowledgeable to soak the information they provide.

You need to become a sponge. Seek the information as much information as you can. After all, this is your business and your must take it serious.

You should also keep your mind sharp but reading books by the industry leaders. This will serve two purposes: it will make you more knowledgeable and give you content you can share with your readers.

Never follow the advice of the person that tells you to fake it until you make it. Not only is that dishonest; it can also hurt your brand in the future.

You must also remember once you publish something online, there ist the possibility it will stay there forever. That means it is in your best interests to do your homework before giving advice to your followers.

Build A Following Through Email

I am sure you have heard the phrase “the money is in the list”. Well it is not just a cliché’; It is fact. Building a huge email list is for more than just making money. It is also a good way to connect with you readers on a more personal level.

Your list is a private database that is more of an asset than the blog itself. The blog is just the engine or bait to that helps your readers to find you. Your list is a way to capture their attention whenever you choose.

When someone joins your list, that lets you know that they are paying attention. The ball is now in your court to complete the process by building on what we talk about earlier which is the trust. And that is so important to branding yourself.

Build a Youtube Channel

Youtube is an absolute beast. A lot of people may not realize it but Youtube is the branding yourselfsecond biggest search engine besides Google. With Youtube you can create videos to share with followers and also attract new followers.

It can also be used to build your list even bigger. You can redirect viewers to our optin pages, your blog posts or directly to your offers.

The exposure you can get from Youtube alone can propel your business by itself. Also you get to give your viewers the opportunity to hear the voice and personality behind the blogs and emails.

Now your followers can truly feel connected with you as someone they know as opposed to just someone behind some written words.

Promoting Your Personal Business Brand On Facebook

Speaking of giant marketing hubs, let’s not forget the beast that past Google is the most visited website online. Facebook can really close the deal for you when it comes to branding.

Not only is this another platform where you can be yourself, it is also a platform where you can communicate real time with your followers. From Facebook live to Facebook chat, you have the tools needed to reach out to your ideal clients, prospects, and customers directly.

You can build a following on Facebook through free or paid measures. Once you’ve built your following, you can then target them whenever you like through retargeting. This is similar to communication through email except that email is totally free.

So there you have it, a simple guide to branding yourself online. One last thing I forgot to mention, when you are doing your personal branding, make sure that your logo(if you have one), your banners, and colors of your designs are uniformed across all medias.

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Hello my name is Marc Marseille and welcome to my website. I have been marketing online since 2008. My experiences online includes running my own SEO agency, affiliate marketing and getting certified as a Google Adwords partner. In this blog I will be sharing with you all that I have learned online since 2008 and hopefully assist you in your path to success.

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