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How To Make Your Facebook Page For Business Official


Everyone knows Facebook as a place for socializing. Businesses on the other hand have a different interest. Facebook is a great way to find, target, and engage your ideal audience. Facebook has even included an audience insights  tool to make it easier for businesses to thrive.

With that being said, whether you are a local business owner, and ecommerce business owner or an affiliate marketer, you need to take Facebook seriously. It is more than just socializing. It is a chance to really connect with your audience.

That’s why you have to make sure your Facebook Fan Page, Business page or group represents your business well.

So how do you do that?

Building Your Facebook Page For Business

Well, you have to dress up your pages so that anyone that visits, recognizes you as a professional. To do that, you will need to enhance a few things.

Clean Up Your Profile Image

First of all you can start with your Profile picture. Your Facebook page for business profile pic should be a professional one. If you cannot take a picture that looks professional, then you need to hire a photographer. Do not sell yourself short. A few dollars spent can really make a big difference.

Remember, you only have one chance to make a first impression. So why not take advantage of it by putting your best foot forward.

Get A Professional Background Image

The next thing on your list should be adding a professional background image. An image with your message and logo with an eye catching image is the way to go.

For local businesses it can be a nice picture of your storefront. Marketers can be a little more creative by using visual images to attract their prospects. Ecommerce professionals can showcase products on their background image.

Once again, hiring a professional is highly recommended. You can get great graphic work done for cheap online. In fact, you can outsource some of these tasks for as little as $5 using Fiverr. So there are no excuses for not getting this done right.

Introduce Your Products Or Services

While the visual aspect is important, do not forget to beef up your introduction. This is your opportunity to introduce yourself and what your visitors  can expect from your page.

Be creative. Be fun. And most of all, get you point across. This is especially effective to entice new visitors. When people receive requests from you, or are visiting your page for the first time,  one of the first things they do is check your bio.

So make sure that you pay attention to your introduction. Give them reasons to stick around to browse through your timeline.

Make Good Use Of All Your Links

The about page is your way to further  connect with your audience. You should make sure you provide as much information as possible. This goes beyond just listing your website and your professional title.

You have the opportunity to link to:

  • Other pages your have on FB (Groups, Personal)
  • Other  social media accounts
  • Contact information (phone numbers, Skype etc)
  • Work And Education
  • Professional Skills

I suggest you fill this area  as completely as possible. This helps your perfect audience become more acquainted with you. Who knows, they might find something in common with you. For example maybe you may have attended the same College.

Brand Yourself Correctly

If you are an affiliate marketer, network marketer or promoting biz opps, you should brand yourself and not the company you promote. Because you are the brand. That way if you switch companies or decide to promote something else, you won’t have to start over.

Additionally, changing the name of your Facebook page for business to another  company may confuse your audience. It may even cause them to move on. So keep the business branding to businesses that you own.








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