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make money from google adsense pay per click

How To Make Money From Google Adsense Pay Per click


If you have been reading my blog post then you will know that I am really into big ticket affiliate commissions. So why am I writing about how to make money from Google Adsense  pay per click? That’s because I also love passive income too.

And when you have the right Adsense strategy, you can literally create a set it and forget it passive income machine. Which means collecting affiliate commissions months and sometimes years into the future.

At one time Google Adsense PPC was really huge. It has since died a little as some affiliates have moved on. This has left room for the smart diehard affiliates looking to make affiliate commissions without having to do a lot of heavy lifting.

But first you will need to know your stuff…

In anything I do, I like to maximize my profits. While Adsense does not offer thousands of dollars on one click, there are product keywords that can yield you over $10+ a click. If these keywords have a good amount of search engine traffic of let’s say… 1000 visitors a month; You may have struck gold.

If you can get about 10% of that traffic to click on an adsense ad…Well you can do the math. That would be $1,000 dollars month passive residual income. Not a bad payday for a couple hours worth of work.

So how can you find these golden nugget keywords?

Easy Peasy…

Search Trending Topics For Golden Nuggets

find trending product keywords for Adsense

Personally I like to start with trending topics. I like trend watching because you can get the news on new products before they even come out. Since they are not yet news, the keywords will not have much competition.

You’ve heard the term “The early bird gets the worm” right? Well if you can get a mini website setup on a topic before anyone else does, Google will reward you.

It will also be hard to take your site down because you will have earn a good amount of traffic. If you can provide a good visitor experience, Google will most likely keep your site at the top.

Good Places to start your trending topic search includes Google Trends, Trend Watching, Ebay and Amazon. I especially like Trend Watching.

This next step is where the good stuff starts to happen…

Perform Good Product Keyword Research

The data you gathered can now be used to find keywords that are high in search volume and CPC (cost per click). For this task I like to use the research tool Keyword Supremacy. This online software makes it easier for you to gather information based on the metrics you need to succeed with Adsense.

It is a paid online software but it comes with a twist. You will not be stuck with a monthly subscription. You actually buy credits to use towards your keyword searches. There is no time limit for you to use your credits.

Keyword Supremacy can find keywords from the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Youtube. I can also search products sites such as  Ebay, Amazon and Alibaba. Once you’ve targeted your keywords, the rest is simple.

You will need to create some content…

Writing Quality Informative Articles

quality adsense articlesThe last step is creating a website with quality content. You can create a mini site base around one product keyword variations and synonyms. You can also create a blog around a general topic to target several keywords. The key to making money from Google Adsense PPC from there will be quality SEO’d articles.

Keep in mind, there is no need to go overboard on the SEO. Writing quality informative 500-800 articles that relate to humans with the keyword and it variations sprinkle within the article is suffice. The key places to include the keywords are in the first paragraph, last paragraph and in the Title.

Follow these simple instructions and you’re well on your way in creating residual pay per click commissions with Google Adsense.

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Hello my name is Marc Marseille and welcome to my website. I have been marketing online since 2008. My experiences online includes running my own SEO agency, affiliate marketing and getting certified as a Google Adwords partner. In this blog I will be sharing with you all that I have learned online since 2008 and hopefully assist you in your path to success.

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