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How To Generate Multiple Streams Of Income While Maintaining Your Sanity


If you are an affiliate or network marketer chances are you may find the urge to promote multiple business opportunities. While the possibilities of increased income may be alluring, the time and money  it takes to promote multiple programs is not an attractive one.

Let’s face it. Trying to reach the leader board or even reach any success in one business opportunity is challenging in itself. Juggling multiple businesses can leave you with the distinctive title of being  a Jack of all trades and master of none.

And believe me when I say, “you don’t want to be that guy or gal”. Because that would most likely put you on the list of the 90% plus marketers that fail miserably.

And as always, I am speaking from experience. Promoting multiple offers without success just means that you’ve contracted “Shiny Object Syndrome”.

But here’s the real dilemma…

As someone who may not have their own product, promoting only one biz opp may not be a wise choice either. That’s because you should really be branding yourself. If you brand yourself correctly, you can easily promote many opportunities.

That way if one business opportunity company tanks, you will be able to rebound by shifting your focus on the next one. Makes sense right?

So how does one get around this?

The answer is by promoting systems and funnels. Systems such as OnlineSales Pro. Product Marketing funnels. And email marketing funnels.
multiple-streams-of-incomepromoting multiple biz opps

Using Funnels To Create Multiple Streams Of Income

promoting multiple biz opps

Promoting multiple opportunities through productmarketing funnels can be done with funnels. Click Funnels is an easy to use landing page builder that allows you to seamlessly take your prospect from one page to the next.

This will allow you to promote your main offer plus multiple upsells or downsells. It works great for offering your prospects products that compliment your original offer. A great example would be selling someone a marketing blueprint. Then offering them additional tools and services that need to implement the blueprint.

A good marketing funnel can make multiple sales from one visitor instantly. It happens to me all the time.

Recently I signed up for a high ticket coaching program. The program recommended I use email automation that sends emails out based on my subscribers actions. This means that if a subscriber does this does, the automation will do that. Sort of like IFTTT but within your email series.

While Aweber does offer some automation, it could not perform the task the coaching program recommended.

They wanted me to upgrade to Infusionsoft or at the very least Active Campaign in order to make better use of their system. Otherwise they would not be able to guarantee me the best results. Pretty slick huh?

Even though I did not really like adding an additional monthly bill to my marketing expenses…I did see the benefit in doing so. Besides, any tweaks you can implement to enhance your email marketing efforts is definitely worth it.

That’s because email marketing continues to be one of the best ways to increase your marketing ROI.Email marketing is also an awesome tool to promote multiple offers.

Promoting Multiple Offers With Email Marketing

The key to promoting more than one service, biz opp or affiliate offer with Email marketing is consistency. What I mean by that is you have to remain consistent. Just like I mentioned before, one offer has to compliment the next.

When you can do that correctly, you can generate multiple streams of income with your email follow up series. Staying congruent in your message means you can’t alienate your subscriber. Stay within your niche.

You can easily compliment a diet program with a nutrition program or exercise program. That’s because each program can accomplish a common goal. But try to throw a dating program into the mix and you may alienate your list.

Not saying that it won’t work, but you should at the very least take the time to find out what your list wants. A good way to test what will work is by sending your list a survey. In the survey, you can ask your list questions about additional closely related niches they may be interest in learning about.

The revelation in the survey can introduce to you even more possible ways to generate multiple streams of income within your list. As you learn more about your email list, you can segment them into other lists based on their purchases. Thus creating niche specific buyer’s lists.

This will allow you to hone in even more on your marketing message.

The next tool I use for marketing more than one product utilizes both funnels and email marketing. It is an online based mobile app called Online Sales Pro.

Promoting 12 Streams Of Income With OnlineSales Pro

Online Sales Pro is a lead generation app that is also a landing page creator and provides extensive marketing training . You can use it as a bait to generate new leads. Because every marketer needs leads.

It comes with some pre-made funnels for several different programs, but you can also use it to create your own marketing funnels as well.

The app itself is a stream of income. At a cost of $37 dollars per month an affiliate can earn $20 per person they refer.

Online Sales Pro also has 2 other levels: VIP and MVP. VIP provides more advanced training materials while giving users an opportunity to make $150 in commissions. With the MVP level you can earn either $50 a month commissions or $500 one time for annual subscriptions.

But the commissions are not the what I like the most. MVP level gives you your own web portal to display resources where you can post an additional 11 streams of income. That’s like killing 12 birds with one stone.

The system automatically promotes OSP,  a solo ad traffic source and Aweber. In your personal resource area, you can an additional 9 streams of income. These sources will be available to view every time your new leads logs into their back office to use the system.

Furthermore, you can add a video introduction in your MVP online resources store. This video is your opportunity introduce yourself to your prospect. it also can be used to discuss the tools you’re recommending and why you think they would be beneficial.

Once again I do recommend that you promote products that are related. In the internet marketing niche you can’t go wrong with promoting tools such as hosting, autoresponder and domain registrars. These are tools that every marketer needs.

You can create a nice affiliate income by promoting tools that marketers need anyway. Some hosting companies pay as much as $150 per referral. Autoresponder companies do not pay as much but the commissions are residual.

If you want more information on OSP, you can check out my review on OnlineSales Pro. I wrote this review before I upgraded to MVP. I must say it is a decision that I do not regret. I use it to create additional streams of income as well as generate leads for my main affiliate offer.

It is great to make commissions of multiple streams of income. But you have to be careful about “Shiny Object Syndrome”. When you are always bouncing off to the next offer without any rhyme or reason, it will leave you stuck in one spot. Be wise in how you promote. But most of all be congruent in your promotions. If it doesn’t benefit you or your followers in the immediate future, turn a blind eye to it.

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