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online sales pro opportunity review

Online Sales Pro Review: Legit Company Or Scam?

online sales pro review
Review Summary

Product Name:

Online Sales Pro

Product Type:

Internet Marketing Lead Generation Software




This review of Online Sales Pro will give you a look into the program  directly. I will cover the system, the opportunity and the support. After this, you will be able to make choice on whether it is for your or not.


If traffic is the lifeblood of any internet marketing business, then leads is the equivalent to Network Marketing. The traditional way of generating MLM leads are not as effective as they used to be. That's because the internet provides a much better option.

Traditionally network marketers would harass friends and family to join their company. They would host home parties in hopes of stirring up a frenzy around their business. These techniques were effective for a few. The few that were natural salespeople.

Then came the internet and everything changed. There has been in influx of new companies offering services that make it easy for anyone to generate leads online. And they can do this without having to harass friends, family or host home parties. Online Sales Pro is one of those companies that have jumped on this bandwagon.

So what is Online Sales Pro All about? Is a legit company that is out to help people succeed or is it just another company trying to scam people out of their money? This review of Online Sales Pro will dissect the truth from the false.​

The Product

The flagship product for Online Sales Pro is the app. It is both and online application and also a mobile app. This makes it possible to receive instant notifications whenever a new prospect fills your optin form. The mobile app has the capability to email or SMS text prospects with just one click.

This works well especially if you are away from your home computer. The cost for the app is $37 a month in which you earn $20 for each referral to the system.

online sales pro app review

The Pros

·        Ready made landing pages for the top MLM Companies

·        Easy to use landing page creator

·        Built in autoresponder with follow up messages

·        Professional sales funnel

·        Social media training

·        Email marketing training

·        Team training

·        Sales training and scripts

·        Client Support with live chat

The Cons

In review of Online Sales Pro, the only con I found is the lack of ready-made landing pages for several companies. That means that if your company is not represented with a ready-made page, you'll have to create your own. You can also sen a request to support. If support gets enough request for a particular program or niche, they will consider creating a template.

The Opportunity

online sales pro opportunity review

Online Sales Pro is more than just an app that allows you to build your own landing page and use their ready-made templates to promote yout program. You can also make a pretty nice income from it as well. Besides being able to earn on the monthly cost of the app, there is also different levels for you to earn.

The VIP Level

The VIP level is a discount level for the $37 dollars a month package. VIP costs $297 annually. When prospects purchases a VIP Package their referrers will earn $150 dollar commission. Referrers will also earn $20 with prospects on the $37 a month level. You can only get paid for the VIP Package if you have purchased it.

Purchasing the VIP Package will save you $147 annually. This works perfectly if you are planning on making marketing online a full time commitment. The VIP Package includes all the trainings that are offered with the system except for the advanced training.

The MVP Level

The MVP is the top product offered by Online Sales Pro. There are two payment options on the MVP level. This is $97 dollar a month and $997 annually. With this package, you will be privileged with advanced training. This includes advanced Facebook paid ads marketing training.

This level also unlocks the Online Sales Pro online store. What this does is allow you to promote up to 11 programs or affiliate products of your choice. Two of these programs are already being promoted in the training programs provide by the system(Online Sales Pro). The other 9 slots are can be added according to your preference. All you have to do is add your affiliate links.

The $97 dollar a month MVP package pays $50 dollars a month in commissions. You will be able to earn $20 on the $37 dollar a month package. You will not be able to earn $150 on the VIP Package unless you purchased . And you will not be able to earn on the annual MVP package unless you purchase the annual package.

The $997 level is the "All In Level". In this level, you earn commissions on everything level. Commission for anyone that purchases the annual VIP package is $500. You also be eligible to earn %50 on anyone that purchased the monthly MVP package.

Online Sales Pro Review Conclusion

In review of the Online Sales Pro system, I think the system works well. It provides a platform that helps internet marketers, networks marketers or anyone that utilizes the internet to grow their business.

This system gives any marketer a way to generate leads by promoting a system that every online business needs. This especially works well in the network marketing industry where everyone is basically promoting a different program. Online Sales Pro allows these marketers to catch bees with honey. Because.

The daily sales calls training are an added bonus. This helps you and your prospects stay sharp at your game. This also helps you with your new recruits. They will have a system that genuinely helps them succeed, which lightens your load a little so you can focus on growing your team.

At the end of the day everyone needs a way to generate leads. When you approach them with a system that can genuine help their business, they will be more receptive to your offer. And that is a warm way to offer them your services at a later time. Not to mention that you can earn a decent income in the meantime.


The Good Stuff:
  • Professional landing pages
  • Instant notifications and easy lead followup
  • Sales call training for you and your prospects
The Bad Stuff:
  • Not enough pre-made templates available

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