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questions to ask solo ad vendor

7 Questions You Should Ask A Solo Ad Vendor


Solo ads are one the fastest marketing techniques that can take you from zero to big list real quick. And if you find the right vendor, you can actually start earning right away. Like anything else online; That is easier said than done. So you must know what questions you should you ask a solo ad vendor before chucking your cash?

First of all, do not take this lightly. Although there are many good solo ad vendors online, in my opinion, there are more that will send you garbage or bot traffic.
I’m not just saying this to scare you off from using solos. Because I still use them myself. I am telling you this because I myself have been scammed.

I handed someone name “The Internet Hustler” $275 dollars for a 1000 click solo ad. I found this crook on the Warrior forum. Guess what? I received zip, nada, zilch optins. I guess I should’ve known with a name like the Internet Hustler.

Anyway, I think I made my point. So let’s tackle these question because inquiring minds want to know. Right?

First at bat…

How long will it take for my add to go out?

This may seem like a simple question, but it is very important. Some solo vendors have been known to be booked for almost two months. So asking this question will let you know whether the time is worth your wait—especially if you are sending the ads for an upcoming launch.

Will you bequestions to ask solo ad vendor including your buyers list?

The whole idea of sending solo’s is to make sales. And if your vendor sends your ads to his or her freebie seekers list only, chances are you won’t get any sales. Asking this question will not guarantee you sales. What it will do is let the vendor know your intentions. They may be able to offer you a solo to their buyers list at a higher cost, which would be ideal; that is If you want to make sales.

Can I see the squeeze page you are using?

For better conversions, it is wise to make sure that your landing page is congruent to your offer. This is important in ensuring that you get the most optins. Checking out the message that the vendor is using to connect a prospect to your page will give a better idea of how to optimize your message.

How many new subscribers do you get daily?

This question will help you find out if they keep a fresh list. A good solo vendor will get a healthy amount of new leads daily. They also will purge their list of inactive subscribers for better conversion rates. Because sending ads to a list that has been beaten up is like beating a dead horse. That mean less optins and probably zero sales.

How often do you email your list?

Keeping with the dead horse analogy, the frequency of emails that a vendor sends out makes a huge difference as well. It is a fact that the more emails a list receives daily, the less likely they are to click on the ad. But most of all, it means that the subscribers are already in 100’s of other lists. And that makes it harder for you to get their attention.

Have you promoted a particular product in the past?

This question is just to find out if they have already sent your offer to their list. If so, You may want to use another vendor.  You may also choose to send a different offer. Or use a custom squeeze page so the prospect does not realize that it is the same offer. Either way, knowing gives you more direction on what to do next.

Can I use my own swipe?

Some vendors like to use their own swipe file because they know their list best. At the same time, if you are confident about your copy, you should inquire about using your own swipe or creative. After all, it is your money that is being spent. So why not take control?

These question should help you get an idea of who you are dealing with. But in reality, they will mean nothing if you are dealing with a dishonest solo ad vendor.

So what should you do now?

Ask them for testimonials

Now its on you to check their testimonials with a fine tooth comb. Bust out the Inspector Gadget hat and to do some research. I would go as far as contacting the people who left the reviews. Check Facebook for negative reviews. And also do a search for their name or the name of their company with the words scam. You’d be surprised what you may find.

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