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3 Network Marketing Lies


lies of network marketingOkay so you either want to or already joined a MLM company with the goals of financial freedom and providing for your family. The reality is that you are probably doomed for failure if you fall for the 3 network marketing lies.

The reasoning behind my statement is simple. Most likely you were recruited and given bad advice that will land you amongst the 97% of network marketers that never make a dime. This is almost a certain fate because you were not told the truth.

You see, when you are in a business where recruitment is King, people will go that extra mile just to have you jump onboard. Which means blatantly lying to you! They fear that telling you the truth will keep you from joining their team.

In actuality, what they are really doing is shooting themselves in the foot. This will be evident when you eventually fail or quit due to the bad information you’ve received.

But don’t worry, you won’t be alone, they will soon follow because they would have lost their downline as well…unless they are one of the ones that have discovered the 3 simple secrets I am about to reveal to you today.

Actually, these are not really secrets, they are what almost every successful network marketer already knows. And that’s a whopping 3%!

The good news is you are here, so you’ll have the opportunity to join an elite group of MLM’ers…The successful ones!

First things first, let’s re-train you brain of the nonsense you’ve been fed. There are 3 things that I am sure that you’ve been fed that will most certainly destroy your business and your dreams…And you should never do them.

The 3 Don’ts Of A Successful Network Marketer

DON’T Start Off With Your Friends & Family

Yeah I know you’ve heard this one before and it sounds so easy. Just list all you friends and family on a list to solicit you business to them relentlessly.

Well, this will only to get banned for life or even worse; ruin relationships with your friends and family after they too have lost their shirt.

This great idea is a sure fire way to get your phone number screened and blocked from your family for life.

Unfortunately though, this the most common lie used amongst recruiters. Even sadder they pass it on to you and you do the same to your recruits. This strategy only works for the people on top who are not using it. It will add a few more people to their organization and it only cost them using you as a bait. In the meantime , you will have lost your investment, lost your credibility with your loved ones and feel like an absolute loser.

This is crushing reality in a no holds barred business. Especially when the leaders in the industry do not really utilize the same tactic they are promoting.

The reason they do not share with you their real marketing plan is simple; It is not quick nor easy. And you probably would not have joined if you knew the truth. A MLM business is a real business and has to treated as such. There are no get rich quick scheme in the MLM industry. Remember that!

With that being said, once you’ve taken the time to build your business properly, you will be able to automate processes that will make your journey seem real easy.


DON’T Marry The Wrong Network Marketing Company.

Now let’s tackle the nightmare of getting involved with the wrong company.

What happens when you marry the wrong person? You guess it; A quick divorce. When you join a company that is either not stable, illegal or impossible to promote, you run the risks of becoming an MLM flunky.

Could you imagine spending all your energy building your organization only to have the rugs pulled from under you? Or, your hard work only going for wasted effort because no one desires the product.

So what can constitute as a wrong MLM Company? Well, there are several criterias that you must dissect before making a decision. The most important is finding a company that is in compliance and does not fall into the pyramid scheme definition. Additionally, the company must have a product that consumers really truly need.

An evergreen product is almost always a winner. When I say evergreen, I mean a product that will always be needed no matter what. A good example of an evergreen product is weight loss.

But even with weight loss, you still must be careful in making sure you do not select a product that will only end up being a fad.

Compensation is also important. After all, the purpose of joining a network marketing program is to make money, right? You must make sure you join a company that offers multiple ways to get paid. One that offers bonuses, and provides you with a solid marketing plan in order to succeed.

The most important aspect of selecting the right the company however is timing. You definitely do not want to jump on an opportunity that has been out for a long time. These companies will be hard to recruit because of saturation.

Don’t believe me? Take Amway for example. Everyone used to sell for Amway. Why do you think there are so many people that are no longer with them? The company is still up and has great financials, but when you mention Amway, people run the other way.

That means you must do your research, research, research…and ask a lot of questions!

DON’T Promote The Company Generated Landing Page.

Last but definitely not least is promoting those cookie cutter marketing pages. This is probably the number one reason for failure in network marketing. It is also one of the biggest marketing points recruiters use to lure you into their business.

I am sure you’ve heard the cliché’, “We offer you your very own replica website”.

The reason this is attractive is most people do not want to have to create their own lead generation system. I know it may be daunting to some, but you definitely will need to spend some money in your system or be able to do it yourself.

Contrary to popular belief, the number reason someone will join your business is not because of the product; It is because of YOU! That means that you must create a presence of authority to build yourself as the person they want to work with.

Building yourself as an authority figure is a must and you cannot do that by promoting the very same page that everyone is pushing. It is highly recommended that you create your own landing page, blog and/or newsletter even if you are new to the game.

As someone trying to help people succeed, you have to look the part as well. If you are new to network marketing then you will have to learn quickly as you move forward. You will need to become a student of marketing and building relationships. If you cannot do that, then you are wasting your time.

It really does not take much to spend a few hours a day building your knowledge in order to share with the person that is looking up to you for guidance. I also recommend you find a strong mentor and juice as much information from them as possible. This will make the difference between success or failure.

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